Although Western Australian landowners contribute around $400,000,000 every year to the Emergency Services Levy (ESL), we know the Local Governments that manage the State’s 550+ Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades don’t have access to the funds for anything more than the bare essentials – and there is often not even enough to go around to meet all the basic needs.

Frankly, if it wasn’t for the hard work and generosity of our incredible 26,000 Bush Fire Volunteers and supportive local businesses like polyVISUAL, we wouldn’t have the invaluable network of Brigades we do and many of WA’s populated areas would be too unsafe to live in.

Some might say a sign is the least important thing about a Brigade and we agree that it isn’t essential to getting the wet stuff on the hot stuff. But there is absolutely no doubt that, just like the pride and passion that comes from putting on a West Coast Eagles or Dockers Guernsey, a critical part of uniting a team is establishing a clear identity.

Some bean counters might like to think the efficiencies gained by “streamlining” or merging services, brigades and other important sub-communities are beyond argument, but we know that if it wasn’t for the feeling of belonging to an extended family who care and have each other’s backs, our incredible unpaid workforce would be far smaller and a lot less effective.

So here’s to the team at polyVISUAL for supporting the amazing family of women and men who receive nothing but the satisfaction of being part of an extended family that is part of the much bigger, diverse and invaluable Volunteer Bush Fire Service.

Thanks and congratulations to West Swan VBFB for being more than worthy of the donation and sharing the kudos with your sponsors!

Let us know if your Brigade wants to recognise a supportive local business who helps you help the rest of us.

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