The Ferguson Inquiry into the Waroona – Yarloop fire made recommendations for a major reform of our emergency services structure, including an independent Rural Fire Service to separate bush fire management from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

The government has been working on ways to implement the reforms albeit progress has been slow and little will happen from now until after the state election in March.

Meantime, the Association has been working with the SES Volunteers Association, the Emergency Services Volunteers Association, WAFarmers and the PGA on ideas to help the implementation of the reforms. This group has also worked hard on making sure the reforms are not allowed to slide of the political agenda with the passing of time.

To this end, we are actively pursuing meetings with all political parties to gain support to have the Ferguson reforms implemented and done so with more urgency following the election. After all, by the time the state election is over, it will be almost a year since the Ferguson Report was completed and yet little to show for it in the key structural reform.  

Below is a public statement about the group (pictured) formed by the aforementioned organisations.



From left: Lin Booth, Gordon Hall (SESVA), Grady Powell, Dale Park (WAFarmers), Merv Austic (ESVA) Dave Gossage, Tony Papafilis (AVBFB)

























































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