Those who receive the Association’s news may be aware that the City of Albany recently took possession of a new caravan modified to be used as a Forward Control Communications Vehicle (FCCV) for the Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades and City of Albany community. 

The Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades, in partnership with Western Power, became sponsors of the van by contributing towards its cost. 

The FCCV, pictured below showing the Association and Western Power logos, is equipped with all communications equipment necessary to respond to a major incident. 

The main problem for the vehicle is poor communications coverage in some parts of the region. 

The City of Albany and the volunteers are raising money to purchase a mobile repeater and booster aerial for enhanced mobile coverage near black spots to help overcome this problem in times of emergencies. 

The Association thanks the Bendigo Bank for their support to purchase the equipment by crowd funding on their website and have started the fund with a $,2000.00 donation. 

To assist with this worthy cause, go to the Bendigo Bank web site through the following link:


Some of Albany Shire's Bush Fire Volunteers with Council representatives.

Some of Albany Shire’s Bush Fire Volunteers with Council representatives.





























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