The local governments of the Shire of Narrogin and the Town of Narrogin have decide to merge in the interest of delivering better services to their communities and improving efficiency through a single, larger local government structure.

The merger creates challenges for groups beyond the Councils themselves, such as the Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades from two local governments being brought together under a single one.

Association President Dave Gossage was invited to facilitate a workshops session with the Volunteer Brigade leaders to discuss the future direction for them under the new identity and how the new shire was going to support the Volunteers into the future. It was a very interactive session with lots of topics covered.

“The session covered off on training and development, succession planning, fire education and awareness, and the new restricted and burning times which saw a streamlining of community messaging,” State President Dave Gossage AFSM said.

He said the community was heading in the right direction which supported building community resilience, capacity and capability into the future and it was good to see the Local Government as the driving force and leader to achieve this new direction.

The State President has been interacting with many Local Governments and Volunteers across the state in recent weeks and he is impressed at how Local Governments are taking on their responsibilities to support their community Volunteers.


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