Structure of the AVBFB

The structure of the AVBFB of WA Incorporated is in accordance with the Constitution and there shall be a Management Committee comprised of up to two representatives from Zones. Zone representatives are elected for a two year term in alternate years. There are nine (9) zones which will contain Bush Fire Brigades located within Local Government areas in the following regions:

  • ZONE 1 – Pilbara/Kimberley (1 rep)
  • ZONE 2 – Midwest/Gascoyne (2 reps)
  • ZONE 3 – Goldfields/Midlands (2 reps)
  • ZONE 4 – Metro South (2 reps)
  • ZONE 5 – South West (2 reps)
  • ZONE 6 – Lower South West (2 reps)
  • ZONE 7 – Upper Great Southern (2 reps)
  • ZONE 8 – Lower Great Southern (2 reps)
  • ZONE 9 – Metro North (2 reps)

Executive Members

The following Executive positions will be elected annually at the first Committee Meeting after the Annual General meeting from the Management Committee:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

President and Vice President shall be elected from their members, by ballot.

Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected from their members, by ballot, if either position cannot be filled from within the Committee, they may be co-opted.

As of 1 July 2014, the Association has employed a part-time Executive Officer.

Click here for the names and contact details of our current committee members and staff.

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