Federal Gov’t funding will help improve member services

Regular readers will know that the amount of work the association does for state government has dramatically increased in recent times to the point where our volunteer committee was being overrun and our ability to provide direct services to members was being squeezed. You will also know that we have tried everything possible to negotiate a better deal from DFES in regard to grant funding with no luck so far. As a result, the committee took the calculated risk of using reserve funds to employ its first ever full-time staff member with two key KPI's: Try to meet the current [...]

WA Bushfire Volunteers do us proud in Queensland

Yet again, one of the most fundamental things that make our Volunteer Bush Fire Service so great has been demonstrated in bucket-loads through those who jumped on a plane a week or so ago to fly east to help our Queensland cousins. And that is of course, the great Australian spirit that means when you're in trouble, we will have your backs. Here's just a short message we received yesterday from one of our newest State Committee Members, Will Fogarty from the South Coogee BFB: Just a few photos from people while on deployment. We were working in rocky steep [...]

ABC: Volunteer rescue groups call for greater share of ratepayer-funded Emergency Services Levy

Western Australia's volunteer fire, rescue and marine groups are calling for a "fairer" share of the hundreds of million of dollars the Emergency Services Levy (ESL) raises each year from ratepayers across the state. They [...]

Bushfire Volunteers? Diverse? You bet! Bedfordale Bush Fire Brigade shows the way

There has been a big push in many State Government Fire and Emergency Services across Australia to diversify their personnel. WA is no exception to the fact that our various services have traditionally had more [...]

WA Gov’t: WA bushfire volunteers join the frontline at Queensland fires

More than 30 volunteer and career firefighters flew out to Queensland today WA crews will join the frontline to relieve exhausted Queensland counterparts Conditions forecast to worsen in days ahead Western Australian volunteer firefighters and [...]

WA Gov’t: Emergency services volunteers sit down with Minister to talk issues

Below is a media statement published by Emergency Services Minister Hon Fran Logan MLA. Of course the Association is very supportive of the Minister speaking with and consulting emergency services volunteers directly - in fact, [...]

Bushfire Volunteers: Name change to support a stronger future

The Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades WA Inc has been the very descriptive name of the peak body for Western Australia's incredible 26,000 bush fire volunteers for almost 30 years and has served its [...]

WA Gov’t: Lifesaving equipment fitted to nearly 1000 firefighting vehicles

Extension of crew cab protection program results in 928 firefighting appliances fitted with lifesaving equipment Increased safety measures a result of $8.732 million investment in an extra 261 appliances on top of previous program fit-out Firefighters [...]

WXXI News: Proposal would give full income tax exemption to volunteer firefighters, EMS

Here's an interesting article about something being considered to aid volunteer recruitment and retention in New York State thanks to WXXI News. We wonder how our members feel about this? Credit freeimages.com/Michael Cossey [...]

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